2024 Victoria University of Wellington Tech Careers Expo Registration

Register to attend our 2024 Tech Expo and connect with talented students on campus. Promote your brand, current opportunities and engage potential employees.
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Registration Form

This Expo will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2024, 12pm - 2pm, in the Alan McDiarmid building of our Kelburn Campus. The registration fee is $300 plus GST. This includes your table (1800mm x 750mm), a cloth and panel (if requested), lunch and refreshment for up to four staff and full marketing of your presence at the event to students.
Please note, the organisation name as written here will be what appears in all marketing materials for this event
Ideally, this will be the person who is organising your attendance at this event
Please ensure this a number that we can easily contact on the day of the Expo
Please provide a short description of your organisation and any current opportunities you are offering students (if known) in less than 50 words. This will appear in the expo directory for students.
This logo will be used in marketing materials, so please ensure it is the most up to date logo for your organisation
If you are bringing your own banners, you may not need a display board. Please note there will NOT be power available so please bring charged devices
We recommend building on your Expo attendance with one or more of the below engagement options. Prices start from $65 plus GST
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